Top 5 Strikers in the FIFA World Cup History

1. Pele


One of the greatest footballer of all time, Pele must be included in the list of greatest strikers. The Brazilian forward represented the team in 4 World Cup events from 1958 to 1970. And he is the most successful player in the tournament by winning the event in 3 occasions(1958,1962,1970). Nick named Dico, Pele is placed in the top of the record  for most number of goals by a Brazilian player. Out of his 92 outings for Brazil, Pele shaken the nets 77 times and had 7 hat tricks for his team. While playing in the FIFA World Cups, the legend bashed 12 goals from his 14 matches. In his inaugural World Cup Pele scored a hat trick against France. He was really a gifted person with striking abilities in his both legs. Although he prefers left leg, there were many occasions which the legend pounded with the right leg. Pele holds the record of youngest scorer in the World Cup event.

2. Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine

One of the most talented yet unfortunate footballer in the game history. He was one of the most dreaded player in the mid twentieth century. The French striker was known for his speed , agility and dribbling skills in the front. Fontaine's efforts in the 1958 tournament was crucial in guiding the French team to the final four and finishing as a 3rd team. Although surrendered against Pele's attacks in the semi's, Fontaine had much more left in the World Cup to prove. In their losers final match against West Germany, the forward blow the opponents with 4 stunning goals. But he was forced to end his career in the age of 28 due to a leg injury. The French forward scored 13 goals in the 1958 addition and in his overall career, Fontaine shook the nets for 30 times out of his 21 appearances for the France team. Considering all his achievements, Fontaine was named as one of the greatest living footballers by FIFA.

3. Gerd Muller

Gerd Muller

If balancing ball is a skill, Gerd Muller will be the master in that. The Germany striker was one of the most talented tricky strikers in the Football World. Speed, Dribbling was his two core tactics. Gerd Muller had a crucial role in winning the 1974 World Cup for his side. In the tournament, 'Der Bomber' scored 4 goals and generated many goal scoring passes. In the 1970 World Cup, Muller was the top scorer with 10 goals and in contrast, he scored 14 goals for the German side from 13 matches in the biggest stage. Considering his career performance, Muller banged 68 goals for the German side from 62 matches at a rate of 1.09 goals per match. Guiding the ball on his instinct was his great talent, but he ended his football career in an early 28 years.

4. Ronaldo


Creating something out of Nothing was Ronaldo's core skill. The Brazilian striker was one of the most feared forward by the opponents. Ronaldo was included in the 1994 World Cup winning Brazilian team, but he wasn't played due to the star studded team. But his presence in the 1998 Brazil team was crucial in letting the team to final. But a reported injury placed him in the side bench for the final. But 2002 World Cup witnessed a retribution from the forward striking 10 goals,(which is highest in any tournament) and winning the tournament. In his 3 World Cup appearances (excluding 1994 edition), Ronaldo struck 15 goals. He was really a gifted player with amazing dribbling skills and great pace. With the yellow Jersey, Ronaldo played 98 matches and scored 62 goals for the side. He won the Ballon d'Or award twice and along with the Golden Ball and Golden Boot awards.  

5. Miroslav Klose

Miroslav Klose

Klose had something reserved for his each World Cup appearances. The German forward played 4 World Cups and scored 16 goals from his 24 matches. This is a record in the World Cup history. Klose holds another record for his National team. 71 goals from his 137 games is highest by a German footballer.  He was the Golden Boot award winner of the 2006 World Cup edition. Klose scored 5 goals in the edition. His role in leading the German side towards success in the 2014 World Cup was crucial. The center forward had amazing aerial skills. Rather than being only limiting his skills to the foot, he used his height to score head goals. A perfect physique for the sports was his one more advantage to dominate in football.


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