Comparison of Mac Book and Windows PC in 10 Areas

1. Cost


Of course, as an Apple product Mac Book costs more than Windows PC's. Apple's products are referred to as premium products. But Windows products can be used by any middle class guy. Apples cheapest Mac Book costs around $999. But when it comes to Windows , the cheapest version starts from $150.

2. Design


Apple renowned for their innovations in their new products. Manufacturers spend years to design a Mac Book. They even consider the internal part while designing. 

But Windows although they have consideration on the design, they are not taking it as core. Those who consider design as important, they also have some systems like Surface Pro, Surface Book Laptop etc.   

3. The Gamer's Choice

The Gamer's Choice

Windows is considered as the best gaming system than Mac Book. The main reason behind is that, Windows is customizable. We can add RAM, additional memory, Graphics Card etc to the Windows PC.

But, In case of Mac Book's, it requires high technical expertise and it is a risky task. So gamer's prefers Windows PC.

4. Customer Support

Customer Support

In this area Mac Book stays on the top. We can get good customer care service from Apple. They assure you standard service from Apple Store. We can surely expect a Mac Book expert there.

But, in case of Microsoft, there is not enough service centers like Apple. Also, it doesn't repair all its products, they seek the help from its manufacturers. 

5. Security


Apple Mac OS are built using UNIX, which makes it more secure from the default. The numbers are also important for the hackers. As there exists a fewer Mac PC's hackers prefers to hack Windows PC's. Not only this developers working hard to secure Mac PC's  

6. Operating Systems

Operating Systems

Both Windows OS and Mac OS looks different and also made different. The latest Windows 10 operating system integrated the user friendly interface of Windows 7 with touch screen friendly user interface of Windows 8, which makes windows different than Mac OS

But in case of Mac OS, the user interface looks simple with a desktop, task bar and a dock. 

7. Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Now a days, Windows released more number of touch screen PC's. From Windows 8 onward's they started this new concept. With the introduction of touch screen PC's they dominated over their competitors.

Although Apple products famous for it's touch screen features, they haven't introduced it in Mac Book's

8. Key Board Shortcuts

Key Board Shortcuts

Windows provides a variety of Keyboard shortcuts for the users. Rather than only depending on mouses, we can do most of the things using keyboard. To take a screen shot in Windows, we have to press Windows key and print screen. 

But in Mac, by pressing command, shift and 4 keys we can take screenshot and crop it.

9. Best Team

Best Team

Mac and iPhone are considered as the best team. Because, if you have both you can sync each other and can perform various tasks.

But in case of Windows, it doesn't have a perfect partner.  Although Android is there, it will not be as perfect as IOS

10. Compatibility


Mac OS have the compatibility to runs Windows OS. We can do it either by using virtual memory or in the same system. Mac's look great in this feature, because Windows PC's can't run Mac OS  


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