Best Footballer from each of the 6 continents

1. Asia


Football has been an universal game and when an major event starts, each country starts supporting one or other countries irrespective whether their nation is competing or not. In the Football World Cups, teams from the all 6 continents are participating and makes use of their opportunity to showcase their football skills. Europe and South America are the two continents which produced a lot of accomplished footballers. Asia and Africa are getting into the right path now a days.

Son Heung-min will be the pick of Asian continent. The South Korean striker had been exceptional for the national side as well as for the Club football. Out of his 70 national team appearances Son Heung-min scored 23 goals. Rather than being a technical player, Heung-min uses his pace and positions to score goals. The forward began his career by playing with the Hamburger SV football club and currently playing with the Tottenham Hotspur. There was 72 Club goals in his 240 outings. Son Heung-min is considered as one of the greatest footballers after Shinji Kagawa and Omar Abdulrahman which the Asian continent produced.

2. Africa


Nick named Mo Salah, Mohamed Salah will be a best pick from the African continent. He was the key player for the Egypt side in the World Cup qualifiers. Also, he holds the record of highest goal scorers in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Out of his 59 matches for the national side, Salah scored 35 goals which is the major part of team goals. But he came into the lime light through the club footballs.  The Egyptian striker began his club football career by playing for the El Mokawloon side and later played in the Chelsea, Basel, Roma side. Salah was acquired by Liverpool in the 2017 edition and became one of the crucial players for the team. From his 36 outings with the Liverpool, Salah scored 32 goals and had a pivotal role in teams success. 

3. North America

North America

North America hasn't produced greatest talents in football. There will be only a finger countable list of players from the continent. Javier Hernandez will be a pick if we considered the continent. The Mexican striker played 104 matches for the national side and scored 50 goals. Hernandez had great balance with the ball and his pace and  close range hits has been fatal for the goal keepers. Hernandez began his club football career with Guadalajara and scored 29 goals. Impressed with his performance, Manchester United was acquired as a forward and later he played for the Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid side. Currently the striker plays for the West Ham United and scored 8 goals from his 33 appearances. Along with Hernandez, there is one more notable player in the continent, the Costa Rican goalie, Keylor Navas.

4. South America

South America

South America created a numerous number of football players. Pele, Maradona, Kaka, Ronaldinho are the few legends in the past. If we consider the current generation, there will be no competitors for Lionel Messi. Arguably he is one of the top footballers in the World. The Argentinian striker known for his amazing dribbling skills and for the clinical finishes. The 5 time Ballon d'Or award winner was brilliant for both club football and national side with an overall 600+ goals. For the National team, Messi scored 65 goals and he took 127 matches to score these. Messi was offended many times for his poor performance with the national side. But he was one of the most valuable player in the club category.  Messi was part of Barcelona Junior and Senior team and scored a total of 563 goals for the team. His performances in the World Cup qualifiers was crucial in letting the Argentina to the final tournament. Comparing the Argentinian striker with other players of the continent won't be a good idea, as he is only compared with Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. Europe


Zico, Marco Van Basten, Garrincha are some European soccer legends. But if we consider the current generation, there will be only one person in the list, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker showing  brilliance in the game of foot ball. He is capable of guiding the ball to any of the wings. Quick passes, unexpected finishes, speed, physique are CR7's strength. Along with these, Ronaldo's 6 feet 1 inch height aids in head goals. Cristiano scored 650+ goals in football and is an active competitor for Pele's 1000+ goals record. For the Portugal team, Ronaldo scored 85 goals from 153 matches. Ronaldo started his club career playing for Sporting CB and later shifted to Manchester United. Later in 2010, Ronaldo was acquired by Real Madrid and raised as one of the key strikers for the Club. From his 763 club football matches, Cristiano Ronaldo shook the net 573 times and tops in the list of active goal scorers. There was many incidents in which, Lionel Messi was compared with Ronaldo. Deciding the winner will be based on the perception of the person. But it is a fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is much better than Harry Kane, Tim Kroos of European continent. 

6. Australia


Australian continent, also known as the "Land down Under" isn't best in producing the soccer talents. Only few team appears for the World Cup tournament. Just two teams from the Oceania Football Confederation participated in the World Cup event, Australia and New Zealand. If we choose the best player from these two, it will be Aaron Mooy. Although had opportunities to play with some other leading nations, Mooy decided to slog in yellow jersey. The striker started his club football career by playing for St Mirren. In the 2016-17 edition, Mooy was part of Manchester City and currently plays underHuddersfield Town. Mooy is a great team player and rather than being a selfish hitter, Mooy used the team work to score goals. Mooy scored 39 goals from 231 club football appearances. 


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