Nawazuddin is one of the many self made actors. What makes Nawaz stand out from the crowd ?

1. 5 things which make Nawazuddin Siddiqui stand out from rest

Indian film industry has always accepted new talent with open arms. Every era has experienced a transition of personality, style and acting varying from actors to actor. With each generation something new has evolved and a unique form of art was cultivated and presented to the audience.However, Bollywood had always had the stereotype of having a good looking, handsome one as a Hero. We can’t imagine someone with short height, dark skin or below average looks to be a hero. Someone having this type of look can be good for a supporting role or may be even less significant role.

Rise of Nawazuddin Siddiqui has not only broken those stereotypes but also inspired millions of people out there who have passion for acting, who have skills but the only plane where they lack might be looks. Nawazuddin hasn’t only proved himself as a flawless actor but with his passion,skills and attitude earned an ardent position in Bollywood industry.

One who doesn’t know Nawaz must be curious that how he is different than other veteran actors. Well here are a few things you must know about him.

2. His determination, patience and perseverance

His determination, patience and perseverance

As we all know he has a typical Bollywood masala real life story of rags to riches. He left the job of petrochemical company for all he thought it’s not meant for him and wanted to carry forward his passion for acting. Though, he wasn’t from very poor family but for bearing his own expenses he had to do a job of security guard for a year. He continued doing stage shows and street plays for social awareness. He kept on doing plays,short roles in films and TV before he was recognized by the audience. It’s his determination, patience and perseverance that made him the actor we see at present. Had he been stop trying for his ambition and continued doing his job we wouldn’t have got our Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the magnificent roles he has offered to Indian cinema.

3. Struggle to make a place:

Struggle to make a place:

Nawazuddin was much appreciated in theaters and plays in Delhi. He played around 2000 characters in his 7 years of theater and with very positive hopes he reached Mumbai to live his dream. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the kind of reception he was expecting and had to wait really long before notching a big role in Black Friday. He did not refuse to work, he worked hard and took every role seriously be it small or not.

4. Breaking Stereotype:

Breaking Stereotype:

A lead actor has to be good looking, handsome. He broke all stereotypes with quality acting.

5. Valuing good cinema

Valuing good cinema

His sense of cinema is high and he values good content. In a tweet he said “It’s unfair to say parallel cinema is good commercial is not”. His fear for parallel cinema is that people appraise the art but not value them. They don’t go to theater and watch such movies. A time will come when no one will try to make such cinemas because that’s not commercial.

6. Diversity in Roles

Diversity in Roles

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the kind to take up such versatile roles where he can showcase his talent. He doesn’t want to be type caste and do same kind of roles. One can see his versatility in roles he play like in Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Badlapur.


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