5 Pele Records that may Remain Unbeaten

1. Most Number of World Cups

Most Number of World Cups

Creating records in the game of footballs is a huge achievement. Creating unbeatable records are much more than that. Brazilian striker, Pele is having such records in his stat. From his 91 outings for the Brazilian team, Pele scored 77 goals. At one time, this record seems to be one of the unbeatable records by a Brazilian player. But Neymar's consistency will be a challenge for this record. Pele is having some unique records and reaching these milestones will be a tougher challenge for the coming generation. Here are the records which will less likely to beat.

Winning the FIFA World Cup will surely be one of the dream of a footballer. But Pele has achieved this milestone three times in his career. In his debut World Cup, the Brazilian forward was the key player for the side. With the courtesy of Pele's goals, Brazil won the 1958 tournament. In the next tournament Brazil was once again reached the top throne. While aiming for a perfect hat trick, Brazil disappointed in the 1966 edition. But in the next edition, Pele and team once again successful i n winning the World Cup tournament. Breaking this record will be a hard nut for the upcoming players. Because of heavy competition, every team are giving tough bout for the defending champions. Also, the stats shows that, there was no consistent Champions in the 21st century. Also, players are retiring from International career in an early age to concentrate more on the club football. So considering these facts, this record will stay unbeaten.

2. Most Number of Career Goals

Most Number of Career Goals

Pele has been awarded with Guinness World Records for scoring highest goal in his football career. Pele scored 1283 goals from his entire career from 1363 matches. These stats include goals scored in Brazilian friendly matches, club’s amateur, reserve team games and junior national teams. If you check the active competitors for the record, Messi and Ronaldo will be in the list. But they are having 573 and 591 goals respectively. Although it doesn't include the friendly matches and Junior teams, it will be a herculean task for both players to reach the record. Both the players are on close to the retirements and  there is less possibility of breaking the records.

3. Most Career Hat tricks

Most Career Hat tricks

More than 20% of his career goals came from hat tricks. Pele is known for his unexpected finishes. In his entire football career, the Brazilian legend scored 92 hat tricks. But his records doesn't end up their. Out of 92 hat tricks, Pele scored five goals 6 times and four goals in 31 occasions. Along with these, there is one hat trick performance in the World Cups. There is still some competitions for the record from Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but they are far away with 38 and 39 hat tricks.  This will be also a record which the Pele will keep in his pocket for a long time.

4. Youngest Player to Score a Hat Trick in World Cup

Youngest Player to Score a Hat Trick in World Cup

Pele was one of the unpredicted goal scorers of the 1958 World Cup. While playing for the Brazilian team in World Cups, Pele was the youngest with almost 18 years age. Pele scored his first World Cup hat trick in the crucial semi final match against France. At the time Pele aged just 17 years and 244 days. Pele holds yet another record in the Same World Cup. The youngest player to score a goal in the tournament, which also still remains unbeaten. Although later can be a possible record, scoring a hat trick in the young 18 age will be a tough one for the upcoming players as both luck and opportunities should favor.  

5. Youngest Player to Score in a FIFA World Cup Final

Youngest Player to Score in a FIFA World Cup Final

The 1958 World Cup event was a record breaking year for the Brazilian striker. In their finals against host Sweeden, Pele scored 2 goals and became the youngest player to score a goal in the event final. Both the goals were decisive in favoring the match for the Brazilian side. While he scoring the goals, Pele was just 17 years and 249 days old. With the courtesy of these 2 goals, Pele's goal stat in tournament was raised to 6. Pele was the youngest footballer to play the FIFA World Cup, although it was broken Norman Whiteside, other records are still in his hands. This records are unlikely to beat as Football World Cup finals are considered as the most important football bout now a days. The team coach will prefer an experienced player than a youngster in the line up. Also, now a days team doesn't care more on recruiting the young players to the National senior side.  


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