10 Hidden Features of Windows 10

1. The Search Option

The Search Option

Windows 10 is having a amazing search function. By just entering the first word or related word you can search an Application in the menu. Instead using browser for google search, we can directly enter the requirements, ofcourse, for web search there is a requirement for internet. If you want to search snipping tool in the PC, we can search it as screen shot, the snipping tool will appear. To get the search button, just go to the start menu and enter the required tags. We have another option of Cortana also, but we may face some privacy issues there.

2. The God Mode

The God Mode

In simple The God Mode puts all the settings in the Operating system in one place. To activate the god mode first create a folder named,  GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. When the folder is created with this name it will automatically include a lot of settings's. Some of the settings may be useful, some mayn't. You can select the desired setting and work on.   There we can see almost 270 settings in the folder.

3. Improved Calculator Option

Improved Calculator Option

Similar to its previous versions, Windows 10 comes with built in calculator. But it has enhanced its options. We can find these options under the view menu. Every calculations we make will be stored in the computer, until the calculator is opened. Also, we can see some conversion options there. We can do myriad kind of conversions.Interesting date calculation is also new to Windows 10.

4. Background App Manager

Background App Manager

This is also another feature that was taken from the Windows phone. In this tools we can easily find the apps which are running back ground.To use this feature go to settings and select privacy->Background apps. Their you can see apps that are running in background. We can turn off which ever is not required.This will help in battery saving. 

5. Reliability Manager

Reliability Manager

It comes with one more hidden feature called Reliability Monitor. We can track pc's performance using this tool. Control Panel-> System and Security->Action Center->Reliability Monitor using this flow we can go to the tool or we can find this tool by using the search option. Type reliability and click on Reliability Monitor. We can get a graph showing stability index. By viewing this, we can figure out PC's performance.

6. Problem Steps Recorder

Problem Steps Recorder

This facility is used to show our PC problems to the one who repairs it. For this first search for "psr" and you can see a small dialog box there. Click on the start record option and it will automatically record every activities through screen shots. Not just screen shot, you can add comments depending on our clicks. When you click the stop recording button, all the activities will be stored along with added comments. We can send the file for the needed.

7. Power Efficiency Diagnosis Report

Power Efficiency Diagnosis Report

We may face several issues with our systems battery life or power related problems. In this we can use the help of Power Efficiency Diagnosis Report. It was already available in the Windows 7, but most of us don't know it's availability in Widows 10. Using command prompt we can avail this option. After opening the command prompt type, powercfg -energy, and it will automatically test your system and you can see a file called energy-report.html. Copy the file to another location and we can see the report.

8. Wifi Sense

Wifi Sense

Using this tool, we can share our WiFi network to whomever we like. It doesn't require password to use it. The only thing you should do is, add those Windows device contacts in your system. The tool is available in Settings->Network & Internet->WiFi->Manage WiFi Settings. In this we can see the Wifi sense option. This tool is already there in the Windows Phone.

9. Track Pad Gestures

Track Pad Gestures

Windows 10 track pad allows us to work with the system using various gestures. The tool was previously available in Mac devices. The various gestures are scroll, zoom, right click, show open windows, show desktop and switch between windows. By using two fingers we can scroll, by a pinch we can zoom, tapping with 2 fingers will give right click option.To see the open windows and desktop, use 3 fingers and swipe outwards or inwards.

10. Support of Various Video Formats

Support of Various Video Formats

Windows Media Player supports more video formats than the before. The Windows 10 added new formats like MKV video format, FLAC audio format along with the upcoming HEVC/H.264 video compression standard.


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