10 Hidden features of iOS 11

1. Access hot spot without password

Access hot spot without password

In this feature you can share internet to our friends or relatives without mentioning the password. Just turn on the hot spot and ask the friend to connect to it. When he connected, a popup will show on your device saying "Do you want to share hot spot". Just accept it and you can share internet without saying the password.

2. Hear News With Siri

Hear News With Siri

By just saying "hey siri, get me the latest news's "  you can avail all the latest headlines from various news channels. If you say " Change to Fox" you can get the news's from fox network. There is also a sleep option, in which you can set the time that siri should stop reading news.

3. Power Button

Power Button

There are many ways to power off the iPhone, but it makes some confusions for the users. In the latest 11.3 version the power off task has been simplified. Just click the power button along with volume up or down button, we can easily get the power off option along with medical id and emergency SOS option. To switch on the phone also you just need press the power button once.

4. App Switcher

App Switcher

If you swipe from the bottom up, you can go to the app switcher. If you swipe arch shape you will get app switcher in no time. The first one is a slower version and second one is a faster version.

5. QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner

In their former versions iPhone users have to depend on 3rd party to scan a QR Code. But from iOS 11 on wards they introduced built in QR Code Scanner for the users. Just pick a QR code, open the camera app, select QR Code scanner from the settings, scan it.

6. Live Photos

Live Photos

While making video conversations through face time, if you see an important view, you can capture it by just clicking on the Shutter button. The photo will be automatically saved to our gallery. Also, in this case iOS provides security for the person in the other end too. Whenever the photo is clicked, the notification will be sent to both ends.

7. Hand Written Mails

Hand Written Mails

iOS 10 allowed us to send hand written messages to the receiver. But in their latest version they are also allowing us to send hand written mails. Long press on the screen and you will get a pop up window. Scroll and select the option Insert Drawing, you will get a blank page and you can write subject there and send it as a mail. 

8. Mute Conversations

Mute Conversations

You can hide the messages that feels disturbance to you. Just select the message and swipe left. Near to the delete button, you can see the hide alerts button. Click on that. Entire messages regarding the sender will be muted. To undo the option swipe to the right. You can see the show alerts button.

9. Smart Invert

Smart Invert

The smart invert feature allows the users to view darker display. But unlike it's previous version's it may not effect the photos while smart invert mode is on. To get the smart invert, go to Settings->general-> accessibility-> display and color invert. Apples native apps works more effective in this feature.

10. Offload Unused Apps

Offload Unused Apps

iOS latest version enables us to get rid of unused apps and saves the storage. To get this settings goto settings-> iPhone storage and select offload unused apps. When the storage exceeded its limit, it automatically offload the apps and helps you store needed documents.


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